You Reap What You Sow

I am motivated to get back to work. Work and save for the next trip.

  • May 20, 2020

I have to admit that in my line of work, saving up to travel is not easy. Living in the California bay area is no joke as it has one of the highest cost of living on the planet. I work hard and that’s a fact. I have set my goals, and on top of it is to see the world while I am able to. I always set out to live by the present because I believe that there is no assurance of tomorrow. Each one of us has different beliefs and this is what is working for me. I met a lot of people that share a common love during my travels but this one in Central America is special as I made deep connections with the people I traveled with and up to this day still in contact with.

We shared really outstanding food in Riviera Maya on the eastern coast of Mexico as well as the cays of Belize, one that can rival the likes of Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and Tokyo. We also immersed ourselves in a revitalized culture in the dense jungles and highlands of Guatemala. And finally, flying over the volcanoes of El Salvador is a sure-fire hit to cap our backpacking trip. On my plane ride back home to San Francisco, I am now equipped with a new kind of energy.

I am motivated to get back to work. Work and save for the next trip. That’s the beauty of travel for me, it would always give you a different kind of perspective once you land back to your home. It is the greatest teacher and you would never stop learning from each and every trip you take.

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