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How To Eat Your Way Around Southeast Asia

Part of the adventure of traveling is trying out another culture’s local cuisine, and one of the most interesting places to do that in is Asia! With intense flavors and interesting combinations, Southeast Asian cuisine is becoming more and more popular around the world.

Where else would you be able to get the real deal than in the origin country itself?

Here are some tips we have to make sure that you would get the most out of your dining experience in Southeast Asia.

Learn how to order in the local dialect/language

Try to learn how to order in the local language, especially if you have specific, personal requests (no ice, gluten-free, no nuts, less spicy). There are tons of language apps that can help you say it the right way, so come prepared and get ready to sample the local cuisine!

Be open to exploring street food and going off plans

Asian countries, in general, are known to have tons of street food vendors. Keep your eyes peeled for them, especially the stalls that have a long line of locals! Having the locals’ stamp of approval means the dish or the snack is delicious and there’s a good chance that it’s made fresh to order.

Don’t drink the tap water

Most of the time stomach flu comes from contaminated water. While most restaurants will ensure that they serve clean and safe water, you can’t guarantee the same if you’re drinking on the streets. If you can, stick to bottled drinks and stay away from ice cubes as much as possible.

If ordering a fruit juice from a street stall, keep an eye out on how the seller handles the fruit, ice and money, to make sure that there’s no cross contamination happening as they’re preparing your drink.

Bring medicine for emergency situations

Make sure to pack the right medication to ensure you have a safe and comfortable food trip, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or a specific allergy.

Try out the different dipping sauces and condiments on the table


Asians love their dipping sauces! Get the most out of your Asian food experience by asking which dipping sauce goes best with your meal. Try them especially if they’re freshly made pastes, relishes or sauces and get a different take on your meals every time.

Even if the weather is warm out, try the local soups

One of the most nourishing and comforting foods you can find in Southeast Asia are the various soups that each country specializes in. Each with its distinct taste: from the pho in Vietnam, the laksa in Singapore or the tom yum in Thailand, you can never go wrong with a good old bowl of soup.

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