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Gift Ideas For The Traveler In Your Life

Got a globetrotting friend or family member on your list? Help make their vacation smoother by gifting them one (or two!) of these covetable items:

Go-To Travel Munchies

This may be uncommon, but giving your jet-setting friend his or go-to snacks and drinks is the best thing you can give–’cause she/he doesn’t need to spend extra whenever she’s traveling!

Travel Shoes

Nothing beats a comfortable pair of shoes when you’re walking around your favorite place in the world. Opt for sandals, sneakers, slides, and even flip-flops!

Carry-On Bag

You can never go wrong with a bag, especially with a backpack that houses everything you need, without the discomfort.

Travel GCs

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Perhaps something towards your friend’s dream destination? Let us know at!

Scratch Map

A fun way to show off your travels! There are different versions online, but if you want to see it for yourself before buying, you can check out local specialty stores such as Hobbes & Landes or Quirks.

Travel Journal

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If your friend is the introspective type, she might enjoy a good travel journal to bring with her while traveling.

Luggage Cover

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A luggage cover will make it easy for your friend to identify her luggage. Need options? A visit to Wanderskye will do the trick!

Portable Tripod

For the solo traveler who enjoys photography.

Passport Holder

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Your travel buddy will always find a passport holder useful. Make sure it’s in a print close to your friend’s personality, or it’s done in her favorite color.

Travel Wallet

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Put all your essentials in one place: cash, boarding pass, tickets, receipts, etc.

A good pair of earphones or headphones

Even better if you can pick up a noise-cancelling pair!

Luggage Scale

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A practical, savvy gift that will ensure your loved one won’t have to worry about excess baggage fees.

Water Bottle

Perfect for your adventurous sibling who can’t get enough of mountain climbing.

A shawl or a scarf

A multipurpose gift: it can keep you warm on flight, you can use it to dress up an outfit, or turn it into a makeshift pillow.

Cord Organizer

Got a neat freak on your list? This little but mighty item will do the trick.

Travel-sized Skincare or Shower Essentials

Skincare brands, department stores, and even foreign retail brands, have special travel sets on hand. A gift that’s practical and useful!

Travel Adapter

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Your digital nomad friend will thank you for this thoughtful gift.


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