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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Staying fit and healthy while you’re out exploring is one of the challenges a traveler has to deal with. Take better care of yourself with these practical, easy to remember tips for your next trip.

Bring healthy snacks

It’s easy to be swayed by all the delicious but high-calorie dishes when you’re traveling, especially if you’re in a foodie city like Barcelona, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Tuscany. While we would suggest that you don’t skip out on the local cuisine (it’s part of traveling after all!), it’s also a good idea to have some healthy snack options with you should you wish to nibble in between meals.

Opt for whole food snacks that are high in protein so you won’t fall prey to getting hangry: bananas, dried apricots, shelled peanuts, sunflower seeds or edamame are good options. These type of snacks will also boost your energy, perfect for all the sightseeing and exploring you’re bound to do.

Opt for movement

Traveling is the perfect time to get your regular dose of workout far from the typical gym. Pack a good pair of reliable shoes (our top pick is homegrown brand World Balance!) then choose to walk when you’re out exploring your destination rather than taking the metro or hailing a cab.

Studies show that walking improves your mood and strengthens your heart and your lungs, plus it also reduces your risk of chronic disease. Not only will walking improve your health, it will also give you more opportunities to go beyond the usual tourist haunts while helping lessen your transportation expenses!

Want the convenience of moving from one place to another minus the walking? Another option is to bike instead. Most cities will have rentals where you can pick a bike and rent it for a day.

Keep yourself hydrated

Staying hydrated is important in keeping yourself in tiptop shape. Not only is it vital for your muscles, joints, and even your brain, it also aids in your digestion and in boosting your mood.

Aside from drinking liquids like water or juices, you can also hydrate yourself with fruits or vegetables that are high in water content. If you’re dining out and sampling the cuisine, keep an eye out for fruits such as apple, grapefruit, pears, strawberries, and watermelon, or for vegetables like cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce and peppers.

Take a break

For most people, being out on vacation means going out and keeping yourself busy with sights and attractions. While there will always be something worth seeing or doing, remember to give yourself enough rest in between exploring! Recharge so you have more energy to appreciate what you’re seeing or experiencing. Make sure you also get good shuteye come nighttime so your body can cope and get the break that it needs.

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