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How To Travel Safely

One of the many concerns that come with traveling is the issue of safety: how do you keep yourself safe, when you have to deal with the possibility of getting into danger? While potential terrorist attacks and other dangerous situations are something you cannot fully prevent or prepare for, these shouldn’t deter you from traveling and exploring the world. Here are some ways on how you can best deal with travel safety issues.

Determine your destination’s safety status

Keep an eye out for travel alerts or security warnings, usually released by the tourism department through news outlets or on their website and social media outlets. Take note of their advice so you can make the best decision when deciding whether to proceed with your trip or to put it off for another time

Even if there are no travel warnings for your destination, it would still be wise to be mindful when you’re out in a tourist-heavy area such as tourist attractions, famous restaurants, large museums or outdoor markets, as these are more likely to be targeted by thieves or even terrorists.

Be quick and decisive

Should you find yourself in a less favorable situation, do your best to assess what happened and then take action. If you’re indoors (like a hotel or a restaurant), head to the nearest exit or find a bathroom to hide in. If you’re outdoors, run away from the commotion.

When you’ve secured yourself somewhere safe, don’t assume that help is on the way. Call the emergency hotline so help can be dispatched right away.

Practice self-care

If you’re an anxious traveler, or you’ve unknowingly brought along your daily stresses into your vacation, try to practice self-care even if you’re on the road. Engage in activities such as doing yoga, meditating, taking a long walk or going for a massage. These will release the tension from your body and can help you relax into your vacation.

Don’t forget to eat well and rest well! These are two other components that will replenish your energy as you explore and wander. You can also opt to do a bit of a digital detox, so you can minimize the noise while you’re taking a break from your daily life.

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