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The Best Souvenirs to Bring Home From Morocco

Part of the fun of traveling is getting to shop around for their local goods. If you are one of those travelers that like keeping mementos of their travels, then stick around to find out some of the things you can find when you visit the wonderful country of Morocco!

In this list, we have considered the environmental impact these products have, the uniqueness
of it to the area and the practical side of bringing it back home.

Argan Oil

Arguably, Argan is one of the most popular exports Morocco has and is unique to this country. However, there are two kinds of oil: for cosmetics and for cooking; make sure that you buy the correct one! If you’re not the type to DIY, there are many products that infuse argan oil as well.

Hammered Metalworks

Hand etching is an old traditional Moroccan creation, you can find these on everyday things like trays, teapots, and sometimes jewelry. In most souks, you will find workshops where these are actually being made on the spot!


Another great export from Morocco are their spices. The quality, freshness, and flavor from Morocco are unlike the ones you’ll find at your local grocery, and these are by far the easiest to transport. Spices like saffron, paprika, turmeric, and cumin are some of the local flavors that are available. Tip: Ask the shop if they would be able to grind the spices fresh for you, and purchase these at the end of your trip to ensure that it is at its freshest.


One of the most iconic things that you can take home from Morocco is the beautiful bright colored clothes that you are handmade and affordable. Kaftans, tunic tops, and linen dresses are still very popular in the souks, but there are boutiques in the newer districts that sell more modernized designs. Tip: make sure to wash your newly bought clothes separately a few times in case the color bleeds.

Dried Goods

Just like spices, Morocco has an assortment of dried goods that they specialize in such as dates, figs, and olives. It might also be wise to purchase these at the end of your trip to keep it fresh.

A quick reminder before you shop til you drop: haggling for the best price possible is part of the fun in shopping in marketplaces, but do make sure to respect the vendors and the artistry behind the products! Ready to take on that Morocco trip? Get in touch at

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