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What Your Flip-Flops Say About The Kind of Traveler You Are

Style is a way to express yourself and what you wear says a lot about the type of person you are. Well, not fully, but at least an aspect of your personality. And… since we live in the Philippines where almost every traveler owns a pair of flip-flops, the type of flip-flop he or she wears says something about her traveler personality. Here are a few flip-flops to personality matches we found out!


Technology is your friend. You’re like a flashpacker who loves to bring his or her gadgets to every trip to make sure you get document everything, surf the net (maybe a little bit of work?), and basically, have convenience right at your fingertips!

Beauty Gal

When packing, one of the things you enjoy the most is picking out everything from your makeup collection and scaling it down to your holy-grail travel makeup bag. Also, you make sure your tips are well-painted in your favorite color.

Animal Lover

You keep a pair of slippers that can keep with you whenever you’re going after the cutest furbabies you see along your travels. You need something secured, won’t slip, and will keep the dog or cat lying on your feet to cuddle.

Beach Babe

You’re the first one to bring out the sunblock, sunnies, beach hat, and slippers. In fact, you might already be wearing your slippers at the airport.


You go for dainty dresses, florals, pinks, and dream of Paris as your go-to destination.


You’re basically the tour guide type of fried everyone can rely on. You can read a map, know the best spots, the best eats, is not afraid to get lost once in a while to discovers omething new.


You and the beach babe are basically best buddies because you both love the beach. You long for the waves and the thrill of being on your surfboard. You’ll surf any chance you get.

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