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Summer Must-Haves For Female Travelers

Packing for a summer vacation? Don’t forget these must-haves!


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A practical but necessary tip: apply and reapply your trusty sunscreen! SPF 50 is recommended these days, but what if you want to tan? Skipping sunscreen is a no-no, so put on your sunscreen and let it dry, then apply some tanning oil on top of it.

A pair of sunglasses

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Protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun with a pair of sunnies. You can choose something classic like a pair of Wayfarers or a cat-eye one. You can also have fun with it and pick mirrored lenses or a pair with embellished frames.


Don’t be the sad fellow wearing the hotel slippers or buying new slippers somewhere because you forgot to bring yours. Make sure the pair you bring is beach-appropriate. We recommend Havaianas, their slippers are basically synonymous with the beach!

Portable speaker

Add more fun to your trip by packing a portable speaker. Even better if it’s waterproof!

All-around Bag

Sometimes, the usual beach bag isn’t enough because you have a day trip somewhere or…you just really bring a lot of things. For that, you have to bring a bag both suits your style and the destination. We recommend a backpack for this and a good brand is Doughnut Outdoor Adventure.

Pocket Wifi and Powerbank

You’ll be taking photos, playing music, maybe even using a little social media. Extend your phone’s battery life by having a powerbank and bringing a pocket wifi. 

Water and Sand-Resistant Phone Pouch

Having fun is important, but make sure you keep your phone protected from the elements.

Water-Resistant Sandals

For days you’re not going to the beach or you have to go somewhere with an attire that’s a little bit dressy, you need a pair of sandals that match all your outfits. This is suited for any traveler. From the sand and water to picture-worthy streets.


Beachside restos and cafés are there for a reason, but water is something you should bring around with you everywhere. You can either bring a water bottle or buy your usual bottled water and reuse it throughout the trip. You need to stay hydrated!

Tote Bag

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If you’re heading out to the beach, you need a bag that will withstand both the sea and the sand. Pick something big enough that will fit all your essentials and more, from your sunscreen and sunnies to your snacks and favorite new book. A tote bag is a good option that’s in between fun and functional!


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Of course it goes without saying that you need to bring simwear with you. Bring something that you’re comfortable and confident in. If you have a few watersports lined-up or diving to do, make sure you bring the essentials for those too!

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