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Top Summer Destinations for 2019

Start mapping out your itinerary for this summer!


A good choice for a traveler looking for variety, Thailand delivers a range of good eats and memorable experiences. Northern and Central Thailand is home to delectable cuisine, colorful temples and a charming countryside, while Southern Thailand has the beaches. Don’t forget to wear something comfortable, like this fun jumpsuit from Forever 21!


Always a Filipino traveler’s favorite, Japan is gearing up for the 2020 Olympics, which makes it an exciting time to visit. Step back in time and explore the temples and palaces or press fast forward to the future with Tokyo’s modern architecture, then take a bite of their legendary street food.


When you’ve got a thousand of islands to choose from right in your home country, then you don’t need to go far to experience the best summer. Leave your passport and pack your best summer essentials, then start planning that beach trip to Coron.

Holy Land via Jordan or Egypt

Going on a pilgrimage around the Holy Land and the nearby Jordan or Egypt is best during their spring season, when it offers ideal sightseeing conditions. For the adventurous, a camel ride along the desert and glamping overnight will be perfect, while those hoping to take it easy can sign up for guided walking tours around the main tourist hotspots.


Picture-perfect sunsets, refreshing dips in the sea and historical sightseeing all rolled into one destination. Greece is often touted as a romantic place, but who says you can’t do it solo? Take that well-deserved me-time somewhere beautiful!

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