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The Biggest Travel Trends You Need to Know

Exciting travel trends await wanderers this year! Ahead, some of the things to look forward to when planning your trip:

Meaningful, short trips

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More and more people are choosing to take short but meaningful trips instead of big and extended vacations. Travelers are also getting more out of their vacation by going beyond the typical sightseeing, opting to look for authentic experiences instead. Going this route will give you the joy of discovery, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your destination and its people.

Wellness tourism

Traveling for wellness means focusing on self-care through mindful travel activities. This can mean booking a room in a fitness and spa hotel, signing up for a yoga retreat or even going on a digital detox vacation, where you won’t have access to your phone, internet or TV. Going on a wellness trip is a welcome respite from the usual noise of our daily lives.

Curated itineraries

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More travelers are also starting to invest in special, out of the box itineraries customized according to their personalities and preferences. Foodies will want to sign up for street food tours and cooking classes, music lovers will travel to see their favorite artists, hobby photographers will look for IG-worthy destinations, fashionistas will hop through cities for Fashion Week, artists will fly abroad for art festivals like the iconic Art Basel.

Sustainable travel


Sustainability is more than just preserving the environment, it’s also preserving the tourist sites we love or hope to visit so that the next generation will also get the opportunity to appreciate them later. Sustainable travel also covers wildlife protection and knowing how the small changes in┬áthe way we travel can make a big impact. An example of this is going to Thailand and choosing to volunteer or support an elephant sanctuary rather than going for the experience of riding an elephant.

Guided trips

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Travel planning can be a stressful task – from coordinating schedules, mapping out itineraries and checking the logistics, there will be someone in the group who will be carrying the burden of getting things done. Hiring travel experts to do the difficult job will take the stress out of travel, giving you the chance to really sit back, relax and enjoy your much-needed quality time with the ones you love.

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