Leave the planning to the experts

Tours get a bad rap for taking too much of your precious vacation time and hard-earned money, but we’re serious when we say our Iceland tours are worth it. Our Iceland photo tour will take you around Iceland’s best spots, from South Coast, Skaftafell, Jokulsarlon, East Iceland, Lake Myvatn, Snaefelssness and Golden Circle; giving you the perfect Iceland vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

You won’t have to worry about transportation issues or the hassle of booking accommodations as you move from one point to another – our team of experts will figure that out for you.

Learn from the best

Our Iceland tours are different from the typical itineraries offered in the market: we have our own CEO Angely Dub leading the tour. As someone who has been to Iceland on multiple trips in the past few years, she has mastered the art of exploring Iceland’s famous landscapes.

Beyond touring you through the typical Iceland attractions, Angely will also teach you the best way to shoot the beautiful northern lights, a magical natural phenomenon where a colorful collision of lights dance across the sky. We’ve also partnered with local guides who know the ins and outs of Iceland, so the group can truly get to know the place from the eyes of the people who call it home.

Dress not to impress

These days, travelers are social media conscious to the point of planning elaborate OOTDs for their travel photos. Keep in mind that Iceland has rugged landscapes and unpredictable weather, so it’s best to pack smart, practical items such as a good quality jacket to keep you warm and a pair of hiking boots for exploring. When you’re dressed comfortably for your destination, you can focus on enjoying your vacation and making the most of your trip.

Go beyond the usual

The expedition in Iceland tour highlights not only the best of what Iceland has to offer, but also the hidden spots that will make your trip even more memorable. Aside from the standard geysirs, glaciers, volcanoes and sea cliffs, our tour will also make key stops in lesser-known but still special attractions such as East Iceland’s mountain fjords. Take advantage of this trip by being more open to adventure – whether it’s pushing yourself to go for that hike up a steep cliff, going under waterfalls or staying out in freezing weather for the northern lights.

To book this trip, send us an email at inquiry@travelwithaccess.com.

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