Bangkok is considered to be one of the food capitals of the world and it’s for a good reason: Thai food is not only tasty, it’s also affordable and easily accessible. With so many options available though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused with which dishes to pick and try! We narrow down the options to ten items you need to try if ever you find yourself in the city of Bangkok.

Som tam

som tam

Som tam is a light, refreshing salad made up of green papaya, lime, fish sauce, dried shrimp and chili. You can eat it on its own as a snack, or eat it as a side with grilled chicken and sticky rice.


thai red curry

Curry in Thailand comes in three tasty ways: yellow, red or green. Yellow curry is the least spicy of the three, red curry is moderately spicy, while green curry is the spiciest. You can also try the massaman curry, which is a slow-cooked curry dish that is mildly spicy, creamy and nutty.

Mango sticky rice

mango sticky rice

A traditional Thai dessert, served with sticky rice, slices of ripe mango and coconut milk. Visit Mae Varee in the Thong Lo area for one of the most satisfying versions of this iconic dessert.

Thai milk tea

thai milk tea

There are three types of season in Bangkok: hot, hotter and hottest. Quench your thirst after a day of pounding the pavement with a glass of Thai milk tea. Keep an eye out for Number One Brand, which goes all the way back to 1945 and can be easily found in BTS stations and local food courts.

Tom yum

tom yum

The classic hot and sour Thai soup, typically packed with herbs, vegetables and prawns, with the option to have it with noodles.

Kanom krok

kanom krok

If you’re looking for something sweet but light to tide you over until your next meal, look for a stall selling kanom krok. These are grilled coconut pancakes that are golden and crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.

Khao moo daeng

khao moo daeng

A popular Thai-Chinese dish that consists of red roasted pork and crispy pork, topped with a red brown gravy sauce. It also usually comes with a hardboiled egg, rice and some pickled vegetables on the side.

Ba mee

ba mee

For something warm and comforting, look for Thai egg noodles or ba mee. It is usually topped with wontons and barbecued pork, and you can choose to have it with soup stock or have it dry, without soup.

Hoy tod

hoy tod

A crispy pancake made with mussels or oysters, scallions, garlic and cilantro, typically served in a market. It’s a street food snack that will satisfy your cravings, thanks to that perfect umami flavor.

Pad thai

pad thai

You can’t go to Bangkok without sampling one of their most famous dishes, the pad thai. It’s done in different variations and served with various ingredients, but one thing remains the same: it’s a must-try. Head on over to Thip Samai, considered to be one of the best stalls that serve pad thai.

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