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Where to Catch the Northern Lights

Arguably one of the closest thing to magic we can experience are the dancing lights called Aurora, sometimes referred to as the polar lights. These occur when solar particles collide with atmospheric gases in the sky and results in a neon light show, although it only happens in the clear skies in the northern and southern hemisphere of the globe. The northern lights are called “aurora borealis,” while the southern lights are called the “aurora australis.” The phenomenon is unpredictable and can last for a few minutes to a few days. Although this can occur also on the southern hemisphere, on this list, we would focus on the destinations up north.


Even without the northern lights, Iceland is a beautiful place to visit that makes you feel like you’re in another world. Now take the beautiful landscapes and add in the dancing lights, and the experience is nothing short of magical.

When to catch it: late August to early April


In the northernmost part of Sweden, you can watch the lights dance across the mountain ranges in Kiruna’s Abisko National Park, and while at it catch the sights of the many reindeer that flock the area. Igloos are also available for rent to have a unique experience.

When to catch it: Mid-September to late March


A city in the northern region of Norway, Tromso is listed as one of the best spots to view the northern lights because of the dark, clear skies and the relatively stable weather. Aside from that, Tromso offers beautiful sceneries and fjords that are also available to explore.

When to catch it: Mid-September to late March


Located just below the Aurora oval, the city of Fairbanks in Alaska is the best place to view the northern lights in the US. Close to the city is the Denali National Park and Preserve where you can set up camp and view the northern lights as well.

When to catch it: late August to mid-April


Located in the Lapland region of Finland, the city of Rovaniemi is also known as the official home of Santa Claus and has nearby national parks to view the aurora lights from. There are also different kinds of tours available to have a more memorable experience with the northern lights.

When to catch it: Mid-September to late March


Yellowknife is the largest community and the capital of the Northwest Territories in Canada, its location makes it easy to see the northern lights because of the low light pollution and its northern latitude. They even have their own Aurora Village and have activities related to the viewing of the Aurora Borealis. Other places in Canada that have a nice view of the lights are the Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta and Northwest Territories, and the Jasper National Park located also in Alberta.

When to catch it: Mid-August to late April

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