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Where to Travel in 2019

Not sure which places to visit this year? Check out Access Travel’s recommended list of destinations to go to in 2019:


Romantic, charming and immersive – three words to describe Italy. Offering a variety of activities to get you busy, Italy is the perfect destination for anyone craving delicious food, majestic sights and a friendly local scene.


Adventure and luxury go hand in hand in this destination – best of all, it’s more accessible to Filipinos than other adventure spots like New Zealand or South Africa. Cambodia is mostly known for its temples in Angkor Wat, but it also has idyllic beaches, a thriving foodie scene and an all-inclusive luxury camp home, where you can see wildlife species in their natural habitat, take guided hikes or relax in an organic spa.


Stepping foot into Cuba is like stepping back in time: dilapidated houses and shabby buildings sitting on timeworn streets, vintage cars cruising by, retro cafes and restaurants waiting to be discovered. While the rest of the world hustles at a breakneck speed, Cuba is happy to sit back and relax with its classic, dignified magic.


Singapore is having a moment, serving as the stunning backdrop and coming fresh off the Crazy Rich Asians movie. The mix of colonial houses against the towering skyscrapers make for more than a pretty picture, it’s also worth an adventure. When you’re done exploring, fill up with Singapore’s tasty street food or grab a seat in Marina Bay Sands for a sundowner.


Travel back in time by going on a pilgrimage through one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Aside from exploring the likes of Pyramids of Giza or Amun Temple, you can also take a cruise along the Nile, go on a camel ride and wander through the Khan el-Khalili, a bazaar where you can take a peek into local traditions and goods.


While Iceland has been on everybody’s radar in the past two to three years, Finland has relatively been kept like a secret amongst discerning travelers. It’s an exciting pick for those looking for an alternative destination where you can also chase the Northern Lights and take advantage of the jaw-dropping views.


Time to tick off that safari trip from your bucket list! Meet the wildlife in Keya by going on game drives and safari camping, then stop by colorful local villages and get to know its generous and warm people. For those needing a quick city break, head on to the cosmopolitan, thriving Nairobi.


Slowly reshaping traveler’s expectations, Bhutan is now more than just an isolated destination for the adventurous. Travelers looking for a restful, digital detox type of vacations will thrive in its blissful, tourist-free vistas.


As the next host of the Summer Olympics, the Land of the Rising Sun is expected to receive 60 million visitors in 2020 – but why wait for the huge crowds when you can get there a year ahead of everybody else? Enjoy Tokyo’s modern skyscrapers and traditional temples, enjoy the street eats of Osaka or wander through Kyoto’s shrines and palaces. For those looking to go beyond the usual Japanese cities, check out Seto Inland Sea for the Setouchi International Art Festival or Okinawa for its tropical delights.

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