Access Team’s List of Travel Essentials

  • November 13, 2019

You’ve followed us on social media, shared and liked our content, and maybe you’ve even met some of us in our office or in last year’s Afternoons with Access event. This time around we’re introducing a new series on our blog so you can get to know our team better: Access Answers, where we’ll share travel tips, tidbits and tricks we’ve curated through our own trips.

We kick off this fun experiment with our arsenal of travel essentials, the things we cannot live without when we’re out exploring:

angely with camera

I cannot travel without my camera and its landscape and portrait lenses, so I can best document my trips. I also like to bring my anti-radiation glasses to keep my eyes protected and Origins’ Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief, since this helps me sleep like a baby anytime, anywhere. – Angely, President and CEO

toiletry bag

I keep it to simple, practical basics that make my trips easier: my phone, to keep me connected with family or friends; a camera to take photos with; and a well-stocked toiletry bag. – Je, Documentations Manager


Since I enjoy taking photos while traveling, the first two things on my packing list are my mobile phone and my sports camera. I also plan my outfits ahead of time so I bring clothes that will suit my destination. – Nica, Reservations Officer

muji neck cushion

From aircrafts to hostel beds, I never leave without my MUJI Neck Cushion. I don’t care if it makes my bag bulky, the comfort it gives surpasses that. I also get lost very quickly which prompts me to walk more than I should, so I always bring pain reliever patches. Putting them on is my post-journey ritual to kickstart my next adventure in the morning. – Trisha, Graphic Designer


I always make sure to have a pair of sunglasses when I travel. It really serves its purpose since my eyes are quite sensitive to brightness. Plus they’re very stylish! – Madge, Brand Strategist


I like to travel with two kinds of cameras for shooting travel photos, extra batteries or a powerbank to keep my gadgets powered up, a credit card for emergencies and pocket wifi to keep me connected while traveling. – CK, Reservations Officer


I bring a hand towel or a handkerchief with me wherever I go; it’s my security item. I also bring sunblock to keep my skin protected, a pocket-sized bottle of alcohol for good hygiene, medicine and ointments in case I get sick. I also make sure I have water with me so I can keep myself hydrated. – Ruiza, Admin Manager

eagle creek packing cube

My Eagle Creek packing cubes help me organize everything in my luggage neatly and efficiently. They are an inexpensive, game-changing investment for someone like me who’s very OC when it comes to packing.  – Meryl, Social Media Manager

travel journal

I usually bring a travel pillow, earplugs and an eye mask to help me stay comfortable during my trip. Aside from these, I also take a travel journal and a pen with me so I can document my trip. – Hannah, Reservations Officer

cocooni tote bag

I’m neither a light, nor over packer, but when traveling, there’s just so many “musts” I need to bring with me. I love everything oversized, so an oversized tote is always a must for me. It can fit almost all the items I need with me on a carry-on, even my laptop! – Julia, Marketing Manager

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