Hello from Antarctica!

I’ve worked straight for so long that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish now if it’s a work trip or something nice I am doing for myself

  • May 8, 2020

Finally, my 7th continent! My retirement trip— This is what I thought when I booked this trip, I initially wanted to do this trip for my 30th birthday but some things changed along the way. Now,  after working for almost 10 years I am financially stable and able to pay for any trip I would like to take for myself. Most of my trips I do for my business but there are some trips I do that are one of a kind experiences which I do to appreciate life and fruits of my labor.


I’ve worked straight for so long that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish now if it’s a work trip or something nice I am doing for myself. Before I wanted to do everything in my 20s and just settle down somewhere in my 30s but now the more I see the world and meeting amazing people along the way, I realize now that having a family and kids is important and my fear of being alone as I old is creeping up on me.

I know it’s a very controversial topic to have a family and kids, I think life is all about stages, my 20s I enjoyed everything for myself and now that I know myself very well and what I want in life, I am ready to share a part of my life with someone special to me. I’ve also realized that there are kinds of happiness you get from every stage in life. The happiness of self-love is the foundation of your life,  if you stable with yourself it becomes easier to share this love with everyone around you. Now I am almost ready to meet someone who would share the rest of my journey with me, this doesn’t mean I will instantly give up everything I’ve built through years but more of slowing down and compromising for someone worth it to share the happiness and pain of life with.


After doing this trip, I’ve realized that if I say I will stop traveling that is almost a lie. This is my job, 90% of what I am today was formed from all the traveling I’ve done in my whole life. Now I only want to trip that would add meaning to my life and people who would choose to travel with my company. I do not want to cater to everyone for the sake of making money but I want to be a part of their lives, I want to be involved with people who would contribute to my growth as well and not just doing another trip for Instagram posts.

This is not a retirement trip, because now I am looking forward to seeing the Emperor Penguins in the Weddell Sea, these animals are the only creatures that survive the harshest, coldest and darkest winter on the planet. I guess the meaning of life is to never stop learning, growing, and setting goals to keep going no matter the success you’ve gotten in life.




Watch our Antarctica video below!


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