Hello from Madagascar!

People normally think that the baobab trees we're everywhere but to my surprise, you had to fly a bit far to see these trees.

  • May 7, 2020

When I went to Madagascar, I had high hopes and expectations since I’ve done quite a lot of reading and research, and every time it always emphasized Madagascar’s beauty. To be honest, I was amazed because what I had experienced was the complete opposite.

I had never thought that the poverty situation in Madagascar was rampant and everywhere. It sometimes felt like there was no civilization because they weren’t as developed as some countries.

Madagascar is big. People normally think that the baobab trees we’re everywhere but to my surprise, you had to fly a bit far to see these trees. They were located at a very remote and almost desolate place that opened my eyes that we can’t trust simple Google searches to plan our trips.

Which says a lot about the internet and social media. We only see the best parts of the country that we fail to realize that a lot of poverty is not being shown here. We travel to these places as a tourist and we fail to see the real day to day situations of the locals. It was quite sad as I found out that most of the lemurs in Madagascar were dying because people there see them as a source of food and nourishment.

This got me asking myself “What did these animals do to deserve this punishment?”. Lemurs are sometimes considered to be the pride of Madagascar but now, people don’t even care just to survive. The majority of the wildlife had now needed to be rescued and put in private parks just to stop the decline of the population.

It’s a sad sight to see that since human beings are “the highest form” where we can be superior among the animal kingdom. But these creatures are just living their lives.

I will always remember that Madagascar was always a sad trip for me because of all these. But then again no one tells you these online and turns a blind eye just to see the only the good and beautiful side of tourism.




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