Moments in Myanmar

Sitting, living, and breathing life.

  • May 20, 2020

At 25, all I wanted to do was to travel and meet the world. Every confirmed booking gave me a rush. I ticked off item after item on my imaginary bucketlist. I was hungry for out of the ordinary and meaningful experiences. But, ironically, some moments you experience while traveling end up completely blowing you away as you have never had expected — even the simplest sunrise.

It was July back in 2017 when I first went to Bagan. The stunning and picturesque landscapes are like daydreams at a distance that satisfies any demanding traveler. But my most memorable part of that trip was waiting for the sunrise. The birds and the hot air balloons flying above the pagodas were only icings on the cake of the entire Myanmar trip which deeply touched my heart.

As I watch the sun gradually rises I began to think… I have grown so much from my years of traveling that I almost forgot who I am. I am the moment before the sun rises into the horizon, I am constantly changing like the ephemeral hues set against the mountain and the sky. I am not a traveler, not an explorer, but a storyteller. And as I slowly close my eyes, listening to the sound of my heartbeat, and for the first time in a long time, I felt that I am truly alive. I am alive!

I will always go back to that morning… sitting, living, and breathing life.

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