Lessons You Learn From Solo Travel

  • November 13, 2019

Traveling solo, be it local or abroad, is one of the most exciting investments you can make for yourself. Not only will you gain new memories and have more stories to share, it also increases your mental and emotional competence. Below, we share some of the lessons we’ve picked up from solo travel:



When you’re on the road on your own, you learn pretty quickly that you have to rely on yourself. You need to take care of everything, from how to finance the trip, to securing your accommodations, to planning an itinerary. The whole trip depends on your choices and your decisions and while it might seem challenging at first, it becomes fun once you let yourself open up to the opportunity.

How to be “alone”

how to be alone

It’s satisfying to know that you can survive in a foreign place all on your own. Whether it’s a quick three day stay or a month long excursion, you’ll learn how to perfect the art of being alone. Take note: alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely! It only means having the capacity to go forward on your own and being responsible of your own happiness. Take advantage of this and relish your freedom!

How to make friends

travel friends

That said, a man cannot be an island and there are moments when it’s a great idea to reach out and make friends along the way. You’ll learn how to start conversations and how to keep them going; how to warm up to strangers and how to adjust to different personalities; and how to go from solo to being part of a group.



Sometimes traveling solo will also lead you to less than ideal situations. A wrong turn can mean half a day tracing back your steps to where you initially started, or a miscommunication can mean the wrong dish being delivered to your table. Take a breather and remember that these missteps often make up good stories!

A sense of adventure


Once you let go of the worries and fears, you’ll find yourself on the cusp of an exciting adventure. Let yourself explore on your own terms and be ready to go out of your comfort zone! Take the time to do the things you’re interested in and get to know yourself away from other people’s needs and expectations.



You empower yourself when you travel solo. You learn how to thrive and survive with your own company. You expand and become a better version of yourself: a strong, confident and self-sufficient person.

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