Traveler Feature: Joni Bacani

  • November 13, 2019

Access Travel and Tours client Joni Bacani shares her family’s trip to Bangkok!

Why did you choose Access Travel and Tours?

We’ve sourced and contacted quite a few travel agencies and we were sold with the swift and efficient response from Access Travel. Our follow-up inquiries and concerns after their initial proposal were also addressed immediately so we went ahead and chose Access Travel’s hassle-free transaction.

What made you decide to take a trip to Bangkok with your family? What were the things you considered when you picked this destination, or as you planned the trip?


We wanted somewhere in Asia and particularly a country that does not require any visas since this will be a very short trip. We’ve been planning this for a few months, weighing in nearby Asian countries. We all agreed on Thailand, since it’s quite affordable to go there and my parents wanted to try Thai cuisine plus do a little bit of sightseeing.

Can you share with us some of your travel tips based on this trip?


Pack light! Bangkok is known for its shopping and you do not want to pay for excess baggage by the time you go home. 


Another thing to consider is the weather in Bangkok, which is very much the same here in the Philippines. My advise is to only bring clothes that you can wear comfortably in our humid temperature. Do note though that you have to pack clothes that will cover your legs (nothing too tight like leggings!) and if wearing sleeveless tops, shirts or cardigans to cover your shoulders. Thai temples like the Grand Palace expect you to cover up and be respectful, since these places are considered sacred.

It’s also always better to bring cash with you as not all the shops accept credit or debit cards, especially the street food stalls and the small stores in the markets.

Please share with us some of your recommendations when traveling around Bangkok, such as sights or tourist attractions, restaurants or what dishes to try, where to go souvenir shopping, etc.


Don’t miss out the temples! These are perfect spots to visit if you are keen to know more about Thai traditions and customs or if you simply want to have a peek of the country’s history.


You also need to try the street food. One of the biggest street food areas in  Bangkok can be found in their Chinatown, where the food is absolutely hands down delicious and really cheap! I still dream about that fried sea bass with garlic and that scrumptious glass noodles until now. Don’t forget to also try their famous mango sticky rice and the super refreshing coconut ice cream.

Another thing that one must not miss out in Thailand are the gentle giants – Elephants! It was such an amazing experience to interact with these majestic creatures. 

What were your favorite experiences or moments from your trip?


Definitely the elephant show in Samphran. We get to interact with the elephants after their show, which was awesome! Our parents enjoyed the trip in the floating market as well.

What are your travel essentials?

A camera to capture the memories; sunblock to protect your skin from the sun; a small bag to carry your phone, camera, passport and wallet when you go on tours; sunglasses and a hat!

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

I can’t wait to visit Japan!

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