Best Carry-On Bags For Different Types of Travelers

  • November 13, 2019

There are different types of travelers, each with their unique personalities and approaches to life. Today we list seven different types of travelers and the perfect carry-on bags for them, a match made in heaven!

The Mommy Jet Setter

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Because consideration is extended to the hyper and excited kids, the mommy jet setter needs a practical and bigger sized carry on bag. Inside the bag are a mass of baby stuff–diapers, powder, milk bottles, wet wipes, tissue, alcohol, you name it.

The Student Traveler

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Typically on a budget, the studenttraveler’ss carry on bag will be an everyday essential on his trip. This one from Doughnut Philippines is the perfect size to fit the essentials and is very stylish and never late on the trend.

The Adventurous Thrill-Seeker

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Their carry-on bags checklist include practical, large sized, waterproof, and has all important compartments and features fit for their adventures, exactly just like this one from Doughnut Philippines.

The Backpacking Explorer

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Backpackers pack light, with exploration and journeys as their number one agenda. This backpack from Doughnut Philippines can fit all of the essentials needed by a backpacker. Easy to grab and sling on the shoulders as they embark on their next exciting adventure.

The Excited Holidaymakers

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The holidaymakers are looking forward to a very exciting trip. Their travels may be a relaxing break from work, a planned weekend away from the city or simply a reward for a job well done. They are very much ready to go on board with this trip and create more memories.

The Stylish Chic

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The stylish chic’s fashion-forward nature extends to her airport fashion. Style is of the essence, and carry-on bags are definitely included in the list. From head to toe, the stylish chic never sacrifices her pizzazz.

The Curious Tourist

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A camera on the ready and research completed ahead of travel, the curious tourist is set to explore the cities, uncover mysteries and witness history. The bag should be able to easily store essentials and provides ease of access when the need to get something arises.

Planning your next trip? Explore Doughnut Philippines’ website and get ready to pack for your dream trip!


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