Janet Veloso

Why do you travel?

For leisure, to unwind and destress.

What did you love the most about the trip?

The sites, the local tour guides who were very informative and helpful on all the sites we visited. Accommodations were also good but some rooms need to be fixed – broken double lock, no hot water, etc. The food is also good – there were varieties each day. The travel schedule is also good – the local tour guide even suggested to go back to some sites we were unable to visit because it was closed. The local tour escort was also very nice, friendly, and accommodating.

What is one thing you won’t forget?

The experience of seeing those places – I don’t think I’ll see them in other places/countries.

What will you come back for in this trip?

The unexplainable feeling of seeing those places

Did this trip inspire you in any way? How?


Why do you think Filipinos should travel?

Hopefully to learn from the good things from other places that we can apply here, and be thankful for what we have that other countries don’t

Any travel tips/hacks you’d like to share?

Always bring a foldable duffel bag/bag

Why did you choose to #travelwithaccess?

I Was looking for a travel agency that is reputable and hopefully won’t scam us. I saw your agency mentioned in a number of celebrities’ travel blogs and said yo myself that they should be trustworthy if a lot of celebrities trust them.

Any recommendations on how you think Access can improve to serve the Filipinos better?

What are the places in your travel bucket list?

Uk, Europe, Iceland, Africa, Russia

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